Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing

We help you to become more intelligent about your business. Integrate data from your enterprise, do analysis and reporting which will result in better decision-making, improved customer loyalty and increased profitability.

Our Data Warehouse and Data Mart strategy have the following goals:

Accessible Information – The design of a data warehouse and the tools used to access the data should make the data understandable. Users should be able to navigate thru data to find an answer to a business question, by starting at a highly summarized level and ‘drilling down’ to increasing levels of detail.

Consistent Information – Users should be able to add or compare similar information from one Product Group or Division to another.

Adaptable to Change – Users should be able to request different information from the Data Warehouse. Data should be able to be added to a Mart or Warehouse without disrupting or changing existing data.

Becomes the Foundation for Decision Making – Users should be able to base business decisions on reports and queries from the Data Mart or Data Warehouse.

Become a catalyst for ‘Harmonized’ data – Cross reference tables that are used in loading data into the Data Warehouse and Data Marts can be utilized by other applications that need to transform and standardize data from divisional source systems.



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