Database Development and Maintenance

ACME offers database design, development and maintenance services for existing or new applications. Our team of database developers has experience with a variety of databases.

Our Expertise in Data management includes:

  • Data analysis and Modeling
  • Database design
  • Database development and programming
  • Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading
  • Data Integration and conversion
  • Database maintenance and support.

Our approach in database development ensures high levels of data accuracy, validity and integrity of related data. We also ensures our data management solution is fast, easy to maintain, easy to integrate with other systems and affordable.

We analyze the data requirements needed to support the business processes of your organization related to every project that we engage with. Our design process starts with a Conceptual Data Model that describes the semantics of your organization. We apply a logical structure to it after understanding relationships and dependencies which will be then mapped to a Physical database design supported by the database management system.



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