Productivity Project tracking
We have successfully implemented Global Productivity projects tracking system for Stanley Works Connecticut USA.
Returns Goods Management System This is an internet/intranet project developed to manage the returned goods from the customers of Masonite International Inc.  more
Resource Management System
A web based  resource management system is being developed for Geomatrix software services, NJ, USA. 
E-catalog management

ACME's Catalog Management solution lets you easily create and maintain categories, subcategories, products and items in the appropriate hierarchical structure. This will be maintained in a central database so that the information can be shared with your e-commerce web site, different corporate locations and systems.

Our dedicated team will work with you to design and produce an implementation that is right for you. This allows you the flexibility to manage your online store with Features such as assigning products to different categories, managing the assets like images and videos, ability to showcase the product size and color options, pricing and much more





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