Productivity Project tracking
We have successfully implemented Global Productivity projects tracking system for Stanley Works Connecticut USA.
Returns Goods Management System This is an internet/intranet project developed to manage the returned goods from the customers of Masonite International Inc.  more
Resource Management System
A web based  resource management system is being developed for Geomatrix software services, NJ, USA. 
Generic Approval Process and Workflow Solutions

Our business workflow automation and generic approval process help you to move towards the paperless office. This allows businesses to better comprehend their current needs and to establish future goals. The long-term objectives of this automation are reducing transaction costs and managing performance.

Business process management solution can automate requests and streamline approval processes. With a dynamic work flow criteria set-up, routing definition and tracking tools allows to those who responsible for processing requests, minimizing data entry and simplifying requests for approval and fulfillment.



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