Productivity Project tracking
We have successfully implemented Global Productivity projects tracking system for Stanley Works Connecticut USA.
Returns Goods Management System This is an internet/intranet project developed to manage the returned goods from the customers of Masonite International Inc.
Resource Management System
A web based  resource management system is being developed for Geomatrix software services, NJ, USA. 
eMAM™ 2.0 is the ultimate DAM solution.

An all-in-one, everything you could possibly need software, allowing you to tap into the power of your digitized information. This super dynamic software is customized to suit your individual requests. We have taken a ground-breaking approach to creating a flexible, feature-rich and modular digital asset management platform.

The (.NET, AJAX, and SQL) Server architecture is specifically designed through input of most of the biggest names in the broadcasting, marketing, legal, and financial industries.

eMAM™2.0 is DAM Eye-Catching and Simple!

It has a graphic interface that's intuitive making it fun & easy to organize and send your assets. What's more, all your assets can now be organized into projects and they can be distributed with ease. You can even save on training time with the simple navigation and context-driven online support.

eMAM™2.0 is DAM Collaborative!

You can send assets for internal or external approval, or assigned to specific users or groups. Your comments or annotations can be made to facilitate communication on each asset. As a result, you can get feedback quicker and efficiently.

eMAM™2.0 is DAM Secure!

Your administrator can assign permissions on the different activities and functions to not only protect assets, but also how they're used. It offers granular access to set group or individual controls at different levels.

eMAM™2.0 is DAM accessible!

Our software's advanced search engine makes suggestions based on your search and similar searches, giving you robust options to narrow or expand results to find the best assets faster.

eMAM™2.0 is DAM powerful!

It allows everyone to trans-code media on the fly, now video, audio, graphic or text data are at your fingertips.

eMAM™2.0 is DAM suitable and scalable!

It's a modular system, so it's installed with the feature you select. It's suitable to deploy in single departments or at an enterprise level. We can ingest or host your assets, which you would access over the Internet, or you can ingest, store and deliver assets at your facility.

eMAM™2.0 is DAM complete!

It's easily incorporated into your existing infrastructure. Our engineering team will work with your staff to re-design your workflow for both hardware and software.

eMAM™2.0 is DAM compatible!

XML, and Ajax make integrating into existing systems a painless process. Open architecture allows eeMAM™2.0 to easily fit into your infrastructure.

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